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More than 75,000 visitors

Visibility and positioning in Google

Resulting in more than 75,000 unique visitors per month and more than 19,000 registered users who share experiences and opinions in our community and receive our Newsletter monthly.

User profile:


Portbooker`s primary international audience is made up of yacht captains and yacht owners, mostly of male gender between 33-55 years old, hold job positions in top management with an upper-middle socioeconomic status.

Psychographic profile

Captains and owners typically have a particular interest in nautical products, services and events.
Furthermore, our users connect with brands which represent their lifestyles and perceptions.

The majority of Portbookers primary users:

- Enjoy first class international travel
- Own second holiday home/yacht abroad.
- Prefer high-end technology.
- Indulge in luxury products / services / events.
- Say it is worth paying extra for quality products.


Geo/ Language targeting

Portbooker Communications also provides companies a beneficial E-Marketing platform for precise segmentation where online banner adverts may be displayed in specific regions to particular language groups if required.

- Geographical segmentation - Global, continental, national, provincial...

- Languages - Spanish, English, German, Italian and French.

Why advertise on Portbooker?
Compare the numbers:

- +of 75,000 unique visitors at month.
- + of 19,000 registered users, yacht owners and captains.
- +8,500 marinas on all continents.
- +of 6.300 slip reserves in 2012, more than 37% compared to 2011.
- 2,500 users per day on average.
- 124 countries, more than 600 regions.
- 6 language groups - English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch and Italian.
- Global expansion. Development and international presence will continue during 2013.


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