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Lake Eildon Marina and Houseboat Hire Pty. Ltd. is situated at Eildon, just two hours from the city centre of Melbourne. Our boats are very popular and range from fully self contained standard houseboats with basic facilities, up to spacious two storey luxury houseboats with spas and all the comforts of home. Our new single storey ´Senator´ houseboat is absolute luxury. Situated at the centre of Lake Eildon, we are well placed for you to explore the kilometres of shoreline on offer. The lake is nestled in the forests and foothills of the Great Dividing Range and stretches from Jamieson to Bonnie Doon and almost back to Mansfield. The lake actually holds five times the water in Sydney Harbour when full and is 75 km end to end. Due to our central location, lake access and all water activities are not affected by drought. As well as houseboat hire, we sell fuel, ice and have private mooring marinas available. We have excellent facilities and service - to find out more go to the Services and Facilities section. Our climate is typical of Victorian Mountain regions. Long hot days are the norm for summer. Autumn brings cool nights with morning fog clearing to fine warm days. Winter is colder, but there are many warm sunny days, is magnificent views of the snow capped mountains and the peace and quiet make up for the cold nights. Spring is one of the best times to be on the lake although the weather is unpredictable as anywhere in spring. At this time of the year the fishing is usually at it´s best, the lake is at its peak level for the year, fantastic fishing and the days are getting warmer and longer.

Caractéristiques et Position

Adresse: 190 Sugarloaf Road, Eildon.
Canal radio: Non disponible
Amarres: 20 amarres
Latitude: 37° 13' S     Longitude:: 145° 55' E
Tirant d'eau max: 5.00 mètres     Longueur max: 15.00 mètres


  • Eau potable Eau potable
  • Electricité Electricité
  • Station service Station service
  • Rampe Rampe
  • Vestiaires Vestiaires
  • Surveillance Surveillance
  • Location de bateau Location de bateau

Comentaires récents sur Lake Eildon Marina & Houseboat Hire

Can you advise the availability of yacht (fixed keel) mooring on Lake Eildon and annual cost. Thank You Don Butler


It depends of the size of your boat, the days you want to spend in the marina and the season. You can send these information to: booking@portbooker.com or by calling (+34) 902 091 582 Thank you


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