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Marina Iate Clube do Natal (Monsenhor Gil, Rio Grande do Norte)

Things to do in Rio Grande do Norte

With the purest air in South America, it has been dubbed the „Land of the Sun“ thanks to the summer that prolongs throughout the year. Its coastline covers over 400 km in the Atlantic Ocean with 150 beautiful beaches that are a major attraction for tourists and the engine of the economy of this state.

The waters are calm and clear, with warm temperature, sandy beaches and green background. It is dotted with sailboats, that usually go the most idyllic and calm beaches, virtually untouched and ornamented with coconut trees, from Gostoso Sao Miguel and Ponta do Melo Zumbi, to the most vibrant and active ones, like Pipa, Ponta Negra or Piragi do Norte. In the latter, world`s largest cashew tree being located. Be careful while visiting the natural pools of Pirangi, because in summer, thanks to their beauty, there are always boats jams. The Maracajaú natural pools are just 7 kilometers from the coast and are equally impressive. During the low tide the depth comes to five feet. They are ideal for diving, but you can also practice other adventure sports. The Forest Reserve Mata Estrela has such biodiversity that it has been protected by UNESCO.

The capital of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal, is considered the loneliest city`s in Brazil. Crossing the river Potengi, you will arrive to Redinha, an idyllic fishing village, also famous for its gastronomy based on seafood and craft beer. Just 12 kilometers north, you will reach the Ponta Negra Beach; an ideal place to anchor while enjoying a sunset, live music and lovely scenery with small boats on the sand.

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