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Port Lympia (Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur)

Things to do in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Watered by the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and hugging Monaco like a coat, the French Riviera is one of the most exclusive areas of Europe. The pleasant Mediterranean climate is strongly influenced by the Mistral (or north wind, strong and cold) and it offers pleasant temperatures during the summer (around 30 degrees) and cool in the coldest months, with 11 degrees on average. Its vibrant capital, Marseille is the second most populous city in France and the most important commercial port in the Mediterranean, with a major focus on shipbuilding and ship repairs. It is also the sunniest town in France, with rainfall only in autumn, and the old port of Marseille is considered one of the main tourism attractions because of its beauty, its bars, cafes and terraces. The city, thanks to its climate and beaches, is the most important in France, as far as the coastal tourism is concerned, so it consists of all water services and attractions that visitors can imagine, as well as a multitude of historic buildings. Another important wind that sweeps the area, apart from the Mistral, is the Sirocco, from the Sahara, less frequent but still probable. One of the virtues of the Cote d`Azur is that we can easily move from one city to another due to their proximity. For example, Antibes (with the largest marina on the Cote d`Azur) is 6 nautical miles from the center of Cannes and 11km west from Nice.

If we start the sea route from the west of Provence, we will find great beaches of La Brague and Fontenne. Then we can moor in Port Vauban (which network of fortified places are listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage) and reach the small beach of Gravette. Once in the Cap d`Antibes you will see several stone coves till you reach Port du Crouton, alongside with Port Gallice, with another splendid marina where you can reserve mooring.

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