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Anchorage Encantados (Convento, Paraná (state))

Things to do in Paraná (state)

Packed with natural attractions, this state has the impressive Iguaçu Falls, four times larger than Niagara Falls (but it’s better not to visit between May and July as the volume of the water is so high so it’s not allowed to get too close). Upstream we find San Martin Island and Isla Grande, located between beautiful basalt formations. No wonder that this park was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Temperatures are pleasant throughout the year, ranging between 10 and 22 degrees and it also has great tropical biodiversity.

If you want to get away from the coast, we recommend navigating to the paradise islands of Superagüi and Honey Island, the letter being an ecological sanctuary with 2.5 miles of coastline, with pristine beaches such as Praia do Miguel, Fora or Praia do Limoeiro. Its capital, Curitiba, is considered the greenest city of Brazil. Besides possessing selective waste collection, this city has a green area of 52 square meters per inhabitant, pedestrian streets and shops open 24 hours. These are all reasons to moor your boat on the coast or go up the river Atuba, from the coast to the Serra do Mar, where this city stands since 1842.

It has one of the best public transportation systems in the world. We recommend following the" Huellas de los Piñones ", a road that can be driven not only by bus, but also by walking or cycling, stopping at major tourist attractions marked by pinions on the floor. A similar route is "Hulleas de la Memoria”, but this one stopping at historic buildings and churches.

Paranaguá has one of the most important ports in Brazil, with traces of its Portuguese colonization still visible. It is situated in a bay, 300 miles long, so you can visit and enjoy its beaches, canals and islands with your sailboat. When you get tired of sailing, in the Bay of Paranagua there are at least six Spas centers. Finally, to mention the Guaraqueçaba Ecological Station, also located on the coast; a reserve that has the largest number of Atlantic forests in Brazil. Here, in a single plot, there is more forest diversity than in the entire East Coast of the USA.

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