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Marina di Valletta (Valletta, Malta)

Things to do in Malta

The beautiful island of Malta has a long history due to its strategic location, which has made it an object of desire of many powerful nations throughout the centuries. In the center of the Mediterranean, near the south of Italy and north of Libya, is the Maltese archipelago; with lots of bays along its coast, ideal for anchoring, and adorned with beautiful fishing ports to discover while jumping from one island to another, where peace and quiet are a dominant tone. In front of the St. Paul’s Bay we find the beautiful island of St Paul (or the St. Paul’s Islands – as its split in two sometimes when the sea is rough). All islands are bathed in the sun, with temperature around 30 degrees Celsius in summer and rarely below 15 in winter.

Visiting Malta is like traveling back through time, as the ancient civilizations each have left their own mark, discernible in its architecture, ruins and museums. But culture is not the greatest nautical appeal here; that is the beautiful coastline with lonesome bays and azure waters, where, in addition, you can enjoy traditional seafood cuisine.

If you decide to moor your boat in a marina, you will find plenty of organized activities ranging from hiking, horseback riding and golf to scuba diving and snorkeling. There are also cruises that lead to the most important ports in Malta.

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