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Stella Maris Marina (Millerton, Long Island)

Things to do in Long Island

Originally called by the Arawak name "Yuma”, it’s an island split by the Tropic of Cancer. Located 165 miles southeast of Nassau, it is recognized as one of the most picturesque islands throughout the Bahamas. Many ruins located there prevail from the time of the American Revolution.

Part of the island`s economy is based on tourism, so visitors approaching by boat can enjoy water activities such as sailing, diving, fishing or just relaxing in one of its fabulous beaches. Wave enthusiasts will find their paradise in its Atlantic coast, but if you just want to relax you can do so in the tranquil waters of the west coast.

It’s ideal for mooring your boat due to weak winds and calm waters. Known for its visitable caves, and famous for the deepest `blue hole` in the world- Dean, that drops to a depth of about 202 meters and is a paradise for lovers of ecotourism.

The island is surrounded by small islands and cays to go exploring with your boat. Mangrove Beach is the home of the island`s boat-building trade; Salt Point is the base of the Long Island Regatta, celebrated annually; Stella Maris, at the northern part of the island, features several resorts, so it is the center of the island`s tourism industry. The beach at Cape Santa Maria is often named as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It also has an airport where you can charter a plane or a take a regular flight to the nearby islands of Nassau and George Town, in Exuma. It is designed carry out international flights.

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