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Royal Belgian Sailing Club Langerbrugge (Gent, Flanders)

Things to do in Flanders

The cultural offer of Flanders is practically endless; from the workshops of the classic Flemish painters to the most innovative fashion designers, from large luxury hotels to small hostels hidden in the old town, from the best restaurants to the lively terraces. The Flemish Region is a must for those who are directed to the North Sea or who wish to reach the Netherlands with its beautiful canals. You can moor your boat in the northwest coast and explore the interior by renting a boat on the canal Groenerei.

The historic center of Bruges hides some Art Nouveau buildings, and is a must see for sea lovers so they can enjoy a real, idyllic fishing village.

Ghent was the largest European city after Paris and today is a Flemish city with most historic buildings. It is the meeting point between the beautiful rivers, the Scheldt and the Lys, ideal for taking a walk to Graslei, the herbalist`s quay and Korenlei, the granaries`. If you visit the city in July you will catch the Ghent Festival, the largest street celebration in Europe, accompanied by film festivals, music and theater.

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