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Marina Park Hotel (Pedra Azul, Ceará)

Things to do in Ceará

Proud possessor of Jericoacoara, chosen as one of the 10 most attractive beaches in the world (with lagoons between the dunes), Ceará has 573 kilometers of coastline with 87 beaches. The climate is tropical, ranging between 25 and 28 degrees, and even more enjoyable at night. Its many attractions include water rafting at Beberibe, with its sandy dunes, or Canoa Quebrada, with ideal winds for sailing, a kitesurfing school and beautiful natural landscapes.

Ceará is the northernmost part of Brazil, and for those enjoying in lovely seascape, visiting the cliffs of Morro Blanc, with its colored sand beaches, is a must. Is also characterized by the broad coastal plains, with a diverse ecosystem, consisting of Atlantic forests, Caatinga(typical vegetation of the area) and marshlands.

It has a broad network of major hotels. In the capital Fortaleza, we find the largest water park in South America, well located on the beach. If we want to experience the bohemian life of the place, it is best to trim the sails to the Iracema beach, with bars, pubs and art galleries that make a great nightlife, located in buildings from early twentieth century. The fishing colony of Mucuripe is a picturesque place to observe the typical fishing boats, calls Jangadas. Cultural tourism focuses on auto museums, folk art or Mineralogy.

The beaches are half-wild, and in the Natural Park Ubajara there are ideal trails for trekking. The Ubajara Grotto, without going any further, is 320 kilometers from the capital, and has impressive karst formations.

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