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Marina Port St Quay Port d’Armor (Département des Côtes-d'Armor, Bretagne)

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48.64742660522461 -2.820568084716797 12


Our modern marina in deep water is accessible 24 hours a day at all states of the tide. Opened in 1990, Saint-Quay Port d’Armor offers all you expect from high quality facilities, while the northern part of the harbour is dedicated to the fishing fleet, being recognized as the Scallop fishing capital. Numerous cruising or day sailing opportunities are possible from St Quay. A few minutes away are the Isles of St Quay, ideal for a picnic or fishing, they spread over a few miles into the bay of St Brieuc, which is sheltered from the predominant winds and is the ideal location for numerous regattas all year round.


  • Trinkwasser Trinkwasser
  • Bar/Restaurant Bar/Restaurant
  • Elektrizität Elektrizität
  • Tankstelle Tankstelle
  • Kran Kran
  • 2 Tn 2 Tn
  • Meteorologische Info Meteorologische Info
  • Mobiler Kran / Travellift Mobiler Kran / Travellift
  • Cantidad: 1 Cantidad: 1
  • 50 Tn 50 Tn
  • Ärztlicher Dienst Ärztlicher Dienst
  • Markt Markt
  • Reparaturwerkstatt Reparaturwerkstatt
  • Umkleidekabinen Umkleidekabinen
  • Überwachung Überwachung
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