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Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (Prince Edward Point, AIK Hong en Aik Chiang Estate)


  • Adres: 52 west coast ferry road, Singapore 126887
  • Radiozender:: 77Radiozender:
  • Ligplaatsen: 100 Ligplaatsen
  • Diepgang max: 8.00 meter
  • Lengte max: 140.00 meter
  • Breedte:: 1° 18' N
  • Lengte:: 103° 46' E
  • Help ons te verbeteren poort informatie
1.29509699344635 103.76068878173828 12


The marina in Singapore in the city of Prince Edward Point has a complete range of services available to its customers, which include water, electricity and gas station.. It is a marina with moderate capacity for super yacht size boats, taking into account the number and size of its moorings (max. length: 140.00 – max. draught: 8.00).. For those who are concerned about the environment, the marina includes all of the services that are needed for eco-friendly sailing. This is reflected in the various official certificates it has earned.

The various sporting activities that are carried out at the marina facilities are available to its customers. In addition to coming by boat, you can also reach the marina by air, given the short distance between the marina and the nearest airport.


  • Sportactiviteiten Sportactiviteiten
  • Drinkbaar water Drinkbaar water
  • Bar / Restaurant Bar / Restaurant
  • Elektriciteit Elektriciteit
  • Tankstation Tankstation
  • Weer info Weer info
  • Was Was
  • Helling Helling
  • Afvalinzameling Afvalinzameling
  • Bilge collectie Bilge collectie
  • Restwater Restwater
  • Zeevaartkunde Zeevaartkunde
  • Markt Markt
  • Kleedkamers Kleedkamers
  • Beveiliging Beveiliging
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