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Langh (Östanå, Stockholms län)


  • Adres: Oy Langh Ship Ab, Alaskartano, FI-21500 Pikis, Finland
  • Radiozender:: 9Radiozender:
  • Ligplaatsen: 450 Ligplaatsen
  • Diepgang max: 5.00 meter
  • Lengte max: 25.00 meter
  • Breedte:: 59° 32.2' N
  • Lengte:: 18° 34.4' E
  • Help ons te verbeteren poort informatie
59.53666687011719 18.573333740234375 12


The marina Langh is located in Östanå (Sweden). All guests who moor there will have access to very basic services, such as water and electricity. Its users may take advantage of its basic basic range of services. It is a marina with medium capacity for large size boats, taking into account the number and size of its moorings (max. length: 25.00 – max. draught: 5.00). .


  • Drinkbaar water Drinkbaar water
  • Elektriciteit Elektriciteit
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