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Marina Brown\'s Marine & Boat Storage (Georgetown, Îles Exumas)

Attractions à Îles Exumas

Among the coral reefs, beaches and caves, Exuma District consists of several barely populated islands; it’s an unspoiled paradise, in the southern Florida, for vessels wishing to discover them one at a time. Captains should be aware that sporadic hurricanes might develop, at particular times of a year. In George Town, its capital (in the cay Great Exuma, linked by a bridge to Little Exuma), there is much to explore and experience, from water sports to taking a stroll through its center. However, it lacks renowned restaurants or fantastic nightlife, but what George Town is offering is peace and privacy. Despite the increase of tourism, it is protected by Natural Park of the Bahamas.

Some of the islands in the district are on sale or already belong to other individuals, while others are uninhabited.

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