Bahia De Belice


(Belize City, Belize District)


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Bahia De Belice in


Visitors navigating in Belize City will discover in Bahia De Belice a place to anchor and stop along the way. Also, if you would like to do sporting activities, you may do so in one of the area businesses.

Fact Sheet and Position

Radio channelRadio channel:0
Moorings: 50 moorings    17° 30' N
Draught max: 8.00 meters    88° 12' W

Length max: 30.00 meters


  • Sporting activities Sporting activities

    The weather in Belize City:

    Current: Today's forecast: Tomorrow's forecast:
    Fair Wed - Isolated Thunderstorms Thu - Isolated Thunderstorms
    35 °C Temp máx:34 °C Temp máx:34 °C
      Temp mín:20 °C Temp mín:23 °C

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